SONG OF THE DAY: Embody – Bad News

By: DJ Ricky Sixx

Dance music is truly international. Born in Lithuania and living in London, producer Embody is developing a unique sound by mixing deep house with tropical grooves. Not exactly beach music, but enough of a vibe to sound different and fresh in the recent onslaught of nearly-identical ’90s hour retreads (check out his mix of Lana del Rey “Once Upon a Dream” for a good example). For the summery-sounding “Bad News,” he adds a bit more punch to the house groove- making it energetic but still chilled. The result is energetic and dazed, almost like smoking weed and drinking Red Bull at the same time. Singer Obenewa is one to watch for, she sounds incredible with a quite raw and unprocessed vocal that contrasts well with the robotic male vocal. Be sure to check out her new single “CTRL+ALT+DEL” with Walter Ego as well.