SONGS OF THE DAY: Duke Dumont – Slow Dance / Mumble Man

Just as the big room EDM guys alternate releases between big room electro monsters and progressive pop confections, Duke Dumont is doing the same, alternating big pop records like the upcoming “Won’t Look Back” with more club-focused tracks in a series called For Club Play Only. For Part 3, he does two more underground takes on his nu-House sound. “Slow Dance” is sparse, with the bassline as the focus, a keyboard breakdown, and classic acid sounds coming in towards the end. The vocals, obviously sampled because of the placement and structure, say “I wanna slow dance with you” and fit the vibe perfectly. “Mumble Man” is just as the title says, a guy mumbling a line over a retrohouse track. The call and response of the vocal and the effected version is quite humorous, especially considering what they are saying “you deny me… got physical” and “now my body has arrived,” which makes it sounds like a sexual encounter gone awry leading to, erm, self-satisfaction. Both of these tracks will fit a sexy house set, and even though they have the vibe of tracks from twenty years ago, they sound modern and fresh at the same time. If you haven’t heard “Wont Look Back,” do check it out here