SONG OF THE DAY: Beauriche – Every Woman

Coming from Funkerman’s Can You Feel It label, Dutchman Beauriche has been having fun putting his own twist on classic rave/techno? with tracks like “1986” (Latour’s “People Are Still Having Sex” over Hall and Oates “I Can’t Go For That”)? and a really funky mix of “Dominator” by Human Resource.? For “Every Woman,”? he reworks the Chaka Khan/Whitney Houston classic “I’m Every Woman” over what could have been an early ’90s Clivilles & Cole or David Morales track.? This probably started as a bootleg he did which just took on a life of his own.? The majority of the vocals are an ad-lib looped with just two lines of the chorus used in the breakdown.? It’s absolutely brilliant, and with all the love for Whitney’s classics, this will find love across many generations with the youngsters loving Nu-House and those who have been around long enough? to remember the original Chaka Khan or Whitney’s version from the Bodyguard soundtrack or it’s magnificent Every Woman’s House/Club Mix II.? Highly recommended.

Image Courtesy of Nurvous Records.