SONG OF THE DAY: Seven Lions ft Kerli – Worlds Apart

There’s something magical that is created when two creative people work together. Jeff Montalvo a/k/a Seven Lions is known for harder electro and dubstep production with hints of trance. As a singer/songwriter, Kerli has a unique voice and a sound that transforms to fit any style of production. Together the two have constructed “Worlds Apart,” which brings dubstep and progressive elements together and adds a bit of a pretty pop feel to smooth them over. It’s the kind of song that fits a SciFi movie soundtrack as easily as commercial radio. Worlds Apart is the title track on Seven Lions’ EP which also features another collab with Kerli (Keep It Close) and songs with Ellie Goulding (Don’t Leave) and Myon and Shane 54 & Tove Lo (Strangers). Highly recommended.

Image courtesy of Ultra Records.