SONG OF THE DAY: Royksopp & Robyn – Say It?

If “Do It Again” was the dance pop anthem that all of Robyn’s fans were anxiously awaiting, then “Say It” is the quirky, trippy track made for devotees of Royksopp.? The Norwegian duo channel Front 242, Kraftwerk, and Giorgio Moroder into a progressive track with elements of glitch, lo-fi techno, and industrial.? Robyn’s voice is effected, sampled, and used as a duet partner to a computerized voice reminiscent of SAM (the computerized voice of 8-bit computers). The oddness of the track is further illustrated by its black & white repetitive motion video which is so visually arresting that the singing dog might be the only part that isn’t hallucinogenic. When you realize that “Say It” is produced by clothing magnate H&M (who was also behind the Bob Sinclar/Giselle Bundchen “Heart of Glass”), you can imagine the creative executives that have such a wonderfully diverse taste in electronic dance music.

Image Courtesy of Cherrytree.