SONG OF THE DAY: TJR and Vinai – Bounce Generation

There were two “Bounce” tracks that broke during the Winter Music Conference – not Melbourne bounce – but bouncy electro tracks which feature the word bounce as if to describe the way you dance to it.? Showtek & Ookay unleashed “Bouncer,” which added a bit of trap and synth-pop with the commanding chant to “Let Me See You Bounce.”??? While not sounding exactly like “Ode to Oi” or “What’s Up Suckaz,” it is easy to identify “Bounce Generation” as a TJR track.?? Working with Italian “Raveology” duo Vinai, TJR spruces up his signature with the chant “everybody make it bounce,” a heavily-accented female voice saying “bass keeps pumping” (or at least that’s what it sounds like), and?a dropout with a sick, rolling buildup.??Crowd response is assured as “Bounce Generation” is as instant as a Deorro track – party music for big rooms and festivals that will rile people up to go crazy.?

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.