SONG OF THE DAY: Demid Rezin & Paula P’Cay – Show Me

Listening to new tracks everyday, it is easy to become blas? and just say that it’s all starting to sound the same. Looking for a song that stands out can be quite a challenge sometimes. “Show Me” sounds actually a bit retro, with the feel of a late 2000’s Fedde Le Grand track – the bouncy electro house of “Scared of Me” or “Let Me Think About It.” The addition of a proggy piano line gives it a bit of a fresh twist, and the lyrics by German singer Paula P’cay make it memorable with the way you can easily sing along. It may not break any new ground in the EDM world, but it is catchy and will work on dancefloors. The video is definitely worth watching, as it feels like an Ylvis or Swedish Techno Society spoof of typical dance music clips.

Image Courtesy of Red Stars Records.