SONG OF THE DAY: Dash Berlin and Rigby – Earth Meets Water

At the core of being a great DJ is the ability to select the perfect song to play at the perfect moment to take the dancefloor on a journey.? The same could be said of an artist or a producer, writing or finding the perfect song to express emotion and tell a story.? Dutch band Rigby released “Earth Meets Water” in March 2013 and achieved a Top 40 placement.? The original is a piano-based indie-pop song, which highlights the incredible vocal range of singer (and Dutch Idol finalist) Christon Kloosterboer.?? As a topline writer for Juventa, Sharon Doorson, and yes, Dash Berlin, it seems obvious how his song ended up as the lead track from Dash Berlin’s forthcoming album.? This new version, now credited to Dash Berlin and Rigby, is not merely a remix but a re-production with the vocals supported by Dash Berlin’s signature uplifting and gorgeous trance.? It’s one of those rare times when the complete emotion of the original track is elevated by the EDM production.? The haunting beauty of the outerworldly vocals, the message of the lyrics, and the epic production combine to make a song that is instantly memorable and emotionally moving.

Image Courtesy of Armada.