SONG OF THE DAY: Bimbo Jones & Beverley Knight – I Found Out

Beloved producer/remix duo Bimbo Jones officially launch their long-awaited second artist album ‘Go Naked’ with “I Found Out,” a modern version of the classic diva-done-wrong anthem. Over a frolicking electropop beat, British soul singer Beverley Knight (“Shoulda Woulda Coulda,” “Come As Your Are”) lets her former partner have it for all the ways she has been disrespected. Remixes by Sebastian Carter, Funky Junction & Ariano Kino, and Looney B take the track in various directions – nu-house, big room, old-school disco, harder electro – with the vocal always being the focus. Joining the previously released “Everything That I Got” (with Kristine W) and “See U Later/Questions” (with Ida Corr), “I Found Out” highlights the focus of their album – classically talented and big voices singing full-on songs over electro – something which is actually quite rare in the genre. With additional songs by Angie Brown, Blake Lewis, Debra Andrews, Sergio Mendes, and four powerhouse workouts by Katherine Ellis, ‘Go Naked’ is a must have for any lover of vocal dance music.

Image Courtesy of Radikal Records.

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