SONG OF THE DAY: Happy Enemies – Hood Anthem

Last week while at the Winter Music Conference, I asked several producers how they name their instrumental tracks.? Since many said it was based on the spirit or emotion, I guess it is time for me to make a trip to Israel – or the “Hood” of the Happy Enemies.? The Israeli duo have channelled the energy of classic hard-hitting euro tracks like 666 “Amokk” and Sash “Intercontinental Invaders” and added the deeper, moody breaks that are currently de rigeur.? The contrasts makes both elements even stronger.? Add in a triplet and broken beat passages to mix things up and the constant changing beats make “Hood Anthem” one of the freshest-sounding bangers of the year so far.? The fact that it is a free download from their Soundcloud makes it even more enticing, as does the fact that their next release is coming soon on Armada.

happy enemies hood anthem