SONG OF THE DAY: Big Gigantic ft Cherub – The Night is Young

Boulder + Nashville = electro disco party anthem. That’s apparently the equation when the saxophone/drummer duo Big Gigantic teamed up with indie-funk-electro duo Cherub to create the title track for the recently-released album. Starting off with a bit of a Daft Punk-meets-Chromeo vibe, the funky disco groove builds and drops down before exploding into a big room electro track. A dubstep break midway shakes up the vibe nicely, while the effected vocals and instrumentation keep the vibe quite organic. This is the kind of track that would start the party at a dive bar or dance club with the infectious hooks and repeated lyrics, making it quite memorable. The video, shot in Mexico after a festival, captures the vibe perfectly. If you like “The Night is You,” be sure to go to their website for a free download of their album.

Image courtesy of Big Gigantic.

Big Gigantic ft Cherub – The Night is Young