SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY?FUNDAY): Jason Walker ft Bimbo Jones – “Tell It To My Heart”

Am I the only one who thinks of Taylor Dayne’s classic anthem “Tell It To My Heart” when they hear that Passenger song “Let Her Go” on the radio?? I was figuring that it was about time for someone to do a 2014 remix until I saw that Jason Walker had just finished his own version.? It truly takes a lot of balls to cover “Tell It To My Heart,” especially since Taylor has such a distinctive and strong voice- but just like he did with Kristine W’s “Sweet Mercy Me,” Jason proves that he is just the man for the job.? Jason’s voice is almost otherworldly with the way he can move from the high to low parts effortlessly.? Produced by Bimbo Jones,? Jason’s version is respectful of the original while he is able to inject a lot of emotion to give it his own fresh take.? While the Eivissa mix is quite solid,? I wonder if the Bimbo Jones guys could do a mix similar in style to their epic Zedd “Stay the Night” remix – that would truly be insane.

Image courtesy of Peace Bisquit/Citrusonic.

Jason Walker ft Bimbo Jones – “Tell It To My Heart”