SONG OF THE DAY: Artificial Intelligence and Kathy Brown – “Somebody to Love”

Drum and bass doesn’t often cross over to mainstream but when it does, it’s massive.? Think back to the ’90s when N-Trance “Set U Free” and Baby D “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” were major pop hits.? Soulful singer Kathy Brown, best known in clubland for her hits with Praxis “Turn Me Out” and Soul Central “Strings of Life (Stronger On My Own),” was looking to update her song “Somebody to Love,” and through the networking platform Music Gateway met the drum and bass duo Artificial Intelligence.? This new version of the song starts off with an ’80s R&B feel, like what would be a love theme on the soundtrack to the movie ‘Breakin,’ before building up to slamming drum and bass beats.? Kathy sounds great as always, and the alternating and contrasting beat structures of R&B and D&B enhance the emotion of the lyrics.? If you aren’t a huge drum and bass fan, check out the Alessio Caforio mix for a sexy Crazibiza-ish house vibe.? The video is absolutely adorable, showing the story a little boy pining for his lost robot toys as they magically find their way back to him – a cross between the video for Chris Malinchak “So Good to Me” and the movie Toy Story.??

Image Courtesy of Music Gateway.
Artificial Intelligence and Kathy Brown – “Somebody to Love”