SONG OF THE DAY: M? – “I Don’t Wanna Dance”

Karen Marie ?rsted, a/k/a M?, blends together indie dance-pop, electro, and a touch of ’60s retro for the infectious and mistitled “Don’t Wanna Dance.” It has the same addictive feel that Justice had with “D A N C E” a few years back. The song also shows that she isn’t afraid to explore different sounds – just take a listen to her previous songs- the glitchy “XXX,” the wacked-out big band-flavored “Pilgrim,” and the world music-vibed “Maiden.” DJs will dig the big piano house-fueled MA mix and the NuHouse-flavored Urulu mix. Her forthcoming album “No Mythologies to Follow” will be one to watch for when it is released in March.

Image courtesy of Chess Club / RCA Victor

M? – “I Don’t Wanna Dance”