SONG OF THE DAY: Blackedout – “Vessel”

New subgenre alert! Well, not new to everyone, but there hasn’t been a lot of press on this- so here is what is possibly your introduction to “futurebeats.” Popularized on reddit here, it is chilled electronic beats mashed with other genres. For those of us who have been around a while, it is reminiscent of the “intelligent” subgenres that abounded in the late ’90s. Imagine afterhours chill-out music mixed with ’80s slow jam R&B, ambient, hazy synths, and a touch of trap. That’s the best way to describe “Vessel” by Blackedout. It is a slight change, of course, from their debut EP (free download on their Bandcamp here) which seemed to focus on nature and environmental soundscapes. The darker, moody sound of “Vessel” seems a better fit for their vibe.

Image Courtesy of Rachel Donelan.

Blackedout – Vessel