SONG OF THE DAY: Fresh N Cutz – “I Get High”

If you dig through crates of disco vinyl, you are going to find a lot of lost treasures that time might have forgotten. Sometimes its the job of a producer/dj, to freshen one up a bit and give it new life. Freda Payne is definitely best known for “Band of Gold” yet many of her follow up releases deserve some attention as well. Her 1976 slow jam “I Get High” can obviously be interpreted a few different ways and listening to vocals closely, they have been sampled recently in a few other club records. San Diego based producers Fresh N Cutz give the song a respectful update by injecting a bit of energy and giving it a “Love Hangover”-esque feel. There is a small bit of repeated echoed vocals and hints of electro but thankfully its done with tasteful restraint. While I am not sure whether is a bootleg/whitelabel or an official remix (though it being a free download on Soundcloud makes me think its the former), I have a feeling that someone is going to hear this track and be inspired to have it resung for a big 90s vibed NuHouse release in the next few weeks.

Fresh N Cutz – “I Get High”