SONG OF THE DAY: Ben DJ Vs Chris Williis – “Survivor”

Tunisian-born, Italian-raised Ben DJ is probably best known for the massive “Me and Myself,” which topped DJ playlists a few years. Teaming with singer/songwriter Chris Willis, the two have attained the rare achievement of constructing an empowerment anthem from a male perspective. To call it a gender-flipped version of “I Will Survive” might seem a bit hasty, but that same emotionally inspirational message is captured by both Willis’ powerful, yet controlled, vocal performance and Ben DJ’s gorgeous, emotional production. Cristian Marchi’s mix is a bit more big room-oriented with the nearly obligatory banging electro sections, yet keeps the uplifting vibe perfectly in place. “Survivor” is one of those songs that might not grab you on first listen, yet once you hear it a few times it will definitely stay in your mind.

Image courtesy of Time Records.

Ben DJ Vs Chris Williis – “Survivor”