SONG OF THE DAY: Deniz Koyu – “Ruby”?

Yes, the EDM world has been saturated with stadium/progressive house tracks that feature similar three-chord melodies and THAT big drop-out. To stand out, it takes some creativity, and when I first heard “Ruby” on a YouTube video some guy recorded at a festival, I thought Jean-Michel Jarre had redone elements of “Chronologie” for 2013.? It is really hard to describe that kind of twirling synth, when it feels like the sound is moving around in space, circling around you.? Imagine the phaser effect that DJs use, but in the hands of a musician. Deniz Koyu brings the same kind of magic to progressive/stadium house with “Ruby” that he did with big room tribal on “Tung.”

Image Courtesy of Axtone.

Deniz Koyu – “Ruby”