SONG OF THE DAY: H2SO4 – “She Weirds Me Out”?

I am having flashbacks and I’ve never done LSD.? Not only is ’90s house music back as NuHouse, every subgenre is being brought back.? H2SO4 is the chemical formula of Sulfuric Acid- a fitting name for this corrosive mix of early ’90s techno with a lo-fi and industrial edge.? It feels like they were inspired by Billy Idol’s underrated CyberPunk album, Traci Lords’ underappreciated 1000 Fires album, and early Nine Inch Nails.? The song even sounds like it was made on a vintage Atari ST with MusicMaker.? If you are looking for something completely different and unlike anything being played by the superstar DJs, here’s some “acid”-ic techno to weird you out.

H2SO4 – “She Weirds Me Out”