SONG OF THE DAY: Absolut Groovers ft Master Freez – “Do The Cha Cha (Tradelove Remix)”

Tropical heat is the perfect cure for the cold winter storms. “Do the Cha Cha” by the Absolut Groovers ft Master Freeez was a summertime Beatport hit, bringing a bit of a Latin vibe to dancefloors around the world. I remember hearing it and playing it, but at the same time thinking a bouncier mix would just take it over the top. Bringing in Angelo Paciotti, better known as Tradelove, was an absolutely brilliant idea. His string of cheeky cover and sample records (“Pum Back,” “Street Player,” “Rock the Casbah, “Seven Nation Army,” and “Bette Davis Eyes”) have a signature bouncy, disco house vibe that has the energy of big room electro without the harshness and a funky groove that everyone moves to. His mix of “Do the Cha Cha” keeps the original in place as the middle drop with an extra loop added to keep it moving. The intro to the dropout and the buildup to the outro is the total Tradelove sound that works so well in any club set. When Master Freez says “Get Your Hands Up,” that’s exactly what the crowd will do as they dance to this fun and energetic house record. For more great tracks by Absolut Groovers, also check out “Rock the Beat” and “Mr Brown” (with Gary Cais).

Image Courtesy of Lovenest.