SONG OF THE DAY: Kris Menace – “Entity of Matter”

Rather than ‘Entity of Matter,’ this album should be titled “Entity of Healing Matter.”? This past week, I’ve been quite ill and have been listening to these 12 tracks in the background almost constantly.? The soundscapes remind me of classic Jean-Michel Jarre, experimental synth work with melody and beats, but nothing so overbearing or overblown as to cause discord. The tracks also have a universal warmth and somewhat of a healing vibe to them – kind of like mom’s chicken soup or that warm, comforting blanket in audio form.? Adding to the effect are the simple yet visually stimulating .GIF graphics that accompany the track.? Staring at them subtly change might remind you of early Windows visualization or just simply help you zone out a bit and relax. So yes, this is great music to experience higher states of consciousness with, but it is also great to chill and relax with as well.

Image Courtesy of Compuphonic.