SONG OF THE DAY: Jerome Isma-Ae – “Hold That Sucker Down” ?

I was scratching my head, thinking that I had just reviewed this and was thankful that they went back and did a vocal version.? Then I realized that back in January, trance wizard Lange updated the classic with a touch of modern sounds but keeping the epic original pretty much in place.? Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Armada, Jerome Isma-Ae turns in a more shuffly, progressive take, and like Lange keeps the original synth stabs and religious vibe firmly in place.? The major difference is that Jerome is using the original vocals- which truly recaptures the magic and brings it forward to 2013.? The Rollo/Faithless sound can easily be seen as a forefather/precursor for what we now call progressive/stadium house, and if you go back and listen to the original you can definitely hear that.? For those who want a more banging, aggressive mix, check out the Sick Individuals who toughen things up, sharpen the electro, and with all respect due keep the vibe of the original firmly in place.? Across the board, the Lange and Jerome Isma-Ae versions (and the remixes) stand as a testament to the proper way that a producer should update a classic with respect to the original, rather than just destroy them.? Holy Ghost, Donna Summer, ahem…

Image Courtesy of Pilot 6 / Armada