SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Nikki Williams – “Thank God It’s Friday”

Yeah, the title screams?Friday, but the song is so perfect for Sunday Funday, how can you resist… Nikki Williams, the singer of “Glowing” and “Kill Fuck Marry,” does a 180-degree turn and embraces the talk/sing vibe of Karmin and Nicki Minaj for “Thank God Its?Friday.” With the ravenous jump-up tempo (based on a Toni Basil “Mickey” sample), the song has an old school rocking vibe complete with Betty Boop (Boop Boop be Doop),? wolf whistles, and a singalong chorus.? The results are infectious as after the first listen you can’t get it out of your head.? When comparing TGIF to her previous songs, it just doesn’t fit, at least until you consider Nikki’s personality.? She has her serious and dark emotional side, but is at heart a fun and goofy gal who likes to have a good time.? That’s exactly what makes this such a perfect song for?Sunday?Funday.