SONG OF THE DAY: Thomas Gold ft Kaelyn Behr – “Remember”

The intro with the violin furiously playing is dark and foreboding.? The vocals by Kaelyn Baer are somewhat forlorn, about finding a girl he was partying with during a massive party and wanting to be woken up before morning (yes, party people really are like vampires when it comes to being exposed to daylight). Intensity increases as the kick drum loops gets louder and more primal, until it drops out with the last vocal note echoing and the repeated hook beginning to come in.? The hook grows in power as the drum fill crescendoes insanely, until we have one last vocal request to “say you will remember.”? Then, the explosion of the incessant hook brings the energy of Brazilian carnival or a massive mardi gras, that infinite power that a repeated sound has to motivate you to abandon all inhibitions and let yourself become part of the crowd. The seamless blending of darkly pretty subtlety with a rapturous, energetic hook makes “Remember,” the new track by German DJ/producer Thomas Gold, one of the most memorable anthems of the year.

Image Courtesy of Axtone.