SONG OF THE DAY:? Clara Lofaro “Born to Love You”

I get sent a lot of music to listen to, and sometimes I just put tracks in a folder on random play as background music to see what grabs me.? When I first heard “Born to Love You,” I thought it was cool that Joss Stone had finally gotten a club mix. To my surprise, it wasn’t Joss singing, but rather singer/songwriter Clara Lofaro, with a multilayered soulful delivery that expressed desire with a bit of a pining rasp.? Chris Cox’s remix is one that kind of defies classification – it’s not exactly electro, or tribal, or stadium, or commercial- but more a subtle combination of all of those things.? “Born to Love You” and the remix sound like nothing else out there right now, and as such it might not grab you on first listen.? Put it on as background music and before you know it, you will be singing along…

Image courtesy of Cometrue Records.