SONG OF THE DAY: Erasure – “Gaudete”

It’s not even Halloween, yet the stores are already full of Christmas-themed merchandise to get us in the mood.  Leave it to Erasure to combine the two holidays for a darkly gothic take on a sacred Latin Christmas Carol.  The production has a ’90s Enigma and Erasure vibe (circa “Chorus”) with an updated beat similar to a minimalist Dr. Luke track.  Much of the buzz will be on the stop-motion animation video done by Martin Meunier (Monkeybone/Starship Troopers) and Tonya Hurley (ghost girl), which feels very ‘Nightmare Before Christmas.”  It’s kind of cool that this creative collaboration is with a member of the family (Tonya’s sister Tracy is married to Vince Clarke). If you tend to wear a lot of black and/or ever listened to Siouxie or The Cure, “Gaudete” is the holiday song for you.  As the lead single to the holiday-themed ‘Snowglobe,” it will be interesting to see what Erasure explores on the rest album.

Image Courtesy of Mute.