SONG OF THE DAY: Zedd ft Hayley Williams – “Stay the Night”

Building off the success of top 10 pop hit “Clarity,” German producer/DJ Zedd has released a deluxe edition of his debut album adding two remixes (Doors and Empire of the Sun) and two new female vocaled tracks similar in feel to the title song: “Push Play” with Miriam Bryan and the current single “Stay the Night” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore.? The formula is executed perfectly – pretty piano intro with vocals slowly building in intensity to the big progressive/stadium fueled chorus.? The lyrics continue the pattern of troubled/doomed relationships with the change being the desperation of the female pining for a one night stand.? Now, that’s a modern take on feminism.? For club play, DJs will jump for Tiesto’s classic staccato trance take (which would probably mix perfectly with the recent rework of his own “Flight 643” by John Christian.)?? Then again, DJ’s in the know are probably still banging “Fall Into the Sky,” the sleeper track of the album sung by Ellie Goulding.

Image Courtesy of Interscope.