SONG OF THE DAY: Showtek ft We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson – “Booyah”

The Janssen brothers (Wouter and Sjoerd), better known as Showtek, have had quite the string of massive club records – “Cannonball,” “How We Do,” and “Get Loose.” For “Booyah,” they’ve teamed up with WeAreLoud and singer Sonny Wilson for a track that seamlessly blends moombahton and drum & bass dropouts into big room, aggressive electro. Throw in a synth hook similar to Bingo Players’ “Rattle” and a “Booyah” chant and you’ve got a record that goes over massively in the clubs. The video version/radio edit starts off with the moombahton vibe before building into the harder electro sounds and it really works – so much so that BBC Radio 1 has already playlisted it. The new video features two brothers running amok in London, celebrating the vibe while playing hooky from school. Maybe not the best role models, but they definitely capture the energy of the track.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.