SONG OF THE DAY: NERVO & Ivan Gough ft Beverley Knight – “Not Taking This No More”

OK, this is going to be a bit of a reach.? A staple elements of ’90s club music was the big black diva belting out a “done me wrong” anthem.? With all the current ’90s revival, this is one genre/meme/trope that I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of, and “Not Taking This No More” comes close to satiating the desire.? A trio of Aussies, the NERVO twins and Ivan Gough (from TV Rock), produce a banging big room electro track that serves as the backing for British soul singer Beverley Knight to sing her story of recovery from a bad relationship.? It’s energetic and guaranteed to pack a floor, making it everything that a DJ could want.? Nervo are not strangers to working with soulful big voices, remember last year’s “Something to Believe In” with Cookie’s anthemic hook.? This new song builds up the vocals to a full verse and a chorus, but I keep wondering how amazing it would be if it was fleshed out to be a full verse-chorus-verse structure.? Yes, I’m repeating what I said last year but when a song is this good you can’t blame me for wanting more…

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.