SONG OF THE DAY: Andrew Bayer – “Need Your Love”

If songs have seasons, “Need Your Love” is a lazy summer day. AnjunaDeep-signed producer Andrew Bayer has fused chilled-out beats with symphonic chords, a guitar line straight out of a ’60s rock record, and mystical chanting. So kind of like yesterday’s song of the day by Funkerman, a melange of random elements combine to make something that is unique- yet innately familiar. I can imagine hearing this in a cool, off the beaten path lounge, an ultra-hip boutique, or at a clinical spa where you would normally be forced to endure endless Enya; it would work anywhere. Since it wouldn’t work on a big room dance floor, there is also a club mix which keeps the spiritual elements in place as the break for a quite special stadium house track. The original would fit perfectly in a film score, especially with the music video feeling like a trailer to next summer’s big blockbuster family-friendly popcorn movie.

Image Courtesy of Anjuna Beats.