SONG OF THE DAY: Kaskade – “Atmosphere”

Who knew he could sing? Grammy-nominated producer/DJ/artist Kaskade previews his forthcoming album with title track “Atmosphere.” The song starts out quite raw, with just a a few keyboard notes backing his well-sung first verse. It could easily be one of those alt/pop radio hits but as more layers and a beat comes in for the first chorus, leading to the buildup behind the repetition of the lyrics “Of all the waves in your atmosphere,” you realize that it’s dance music at its finest. While solidly in the stadium/electro house genre, it is not too aggressive or grating at any point. As his first vocal performance, the influence of his early OM releases are present with the laid-back feel and warm tone of his vocals. The traditional verse/chorus/verse/chorus is quite refreshing, especially when two random lines of vocals normally suffice for most hit tracks. Remixes have a variety of sounds with GTA going for a harder electro sound, Chocolate Puma giving a Bingo Players vibe, and AMTRAC embracing the retro ’90s meme with a Disclosure-ish synthy house sound. “Atmosphere” could be a massive crossover record for Kaskade and could easily follow Armin van Buuren’s “This is What It Feels Like” as one of the biggest radio hits of the year.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.