SONG OF THE DAY: Antillas & Vitodito ft Fiora – “Disconnected”

The problem with politicians is that they often try to be all things to all people and they end up being useless. However with dance tracks, the effect is often the exact opposite. The new track “Disconnected” is a mashup of different styles structured so that every 45 seconds it changes (basically a less ADHD take of Arcader’s “Pillowtalk”). Antillas and up-and-comer Vitodito seamlessly blend big beat, electro, progressive, and trance elements in a structure that tells a story as it develops. While the male vocal bit seems generic- bordering on cheesy, the equilibrium shifts when Fiora’s angelic vocals come in on the breakdown. Kudos to Antillas & Vitodito for being able to place vocals in a breakdown over a beat (yeah, that’s a strange compliment to have to give but it seems like most of the other producers just don’t have this skill or care to learn it). Lyrically, “Disconnected” fits the track perfectly as the disparate elements come together masterfully. DJ’s looking for a track that does a full sonic journey in under six minutes should unleash “Disconnected” on their floors. Hopefully, there will be a full-length Fiora album in the near future, as this and her recent collaborations with Armin Van Buuren and Erick Morillo show that she has the range and personality to carry such a project.

Image courtesy of Armada.