SONG OF THE DAY: Daleri – “Epic Mashleg”

In case you haven’t heard this, here is the current buzz meme among a bunch of EDM lovers – “Epic Mashleg” by Swedish production duo Daleri. In the span of a minute, they effortlessly segue the hooks of 16 tracks which are big in the EDM world. Shocking revelation – it all sounds exactly the same. Is it the same loop from a sample pack? Is the same ghost producer doing everybody’s work? Has it become so by the numbers that people are just rehashing what is already out there? While it’s true that people often find similar inspirations at the same time (be it a movie that inspires fashion designers or a book that leads to heated conversations), the sheer monotony of hearing these tracks like this back-to-back makes a good motivation for DJs and producers to try and create something that is outside the box. Also, for everyone out there, go explore and find something off the beaten path. That’s one of our goals here at – to highlight great dance music from the commercial and the underground – big labels and small labels – across all genres.

Image Courtesy of Daleri.