It’s Sunday and you’re sitting at home after a long night clubbing. The pounding beats are still reverberating in your skull as you are recovering from your intake from the night before. Well, “Wonky” is not the track you want to listen to speed up the process. The Wideboys rose up from the bass and garage underground and built a following for their energetic electro remixes with a pop edge (LMFAO, Rihanna, Leann Rimes, Pet Shop Boys, Britney Spears, and Ke$ha are just a few of the big pop stars who have benefited from Wideboys reconstructions). For their new Crucial Cuts EP, they’ve captured several different sounds of clubland – a bit of ’90s underground hip-house (“Party People”), a Zedd/Daft Punk fusion (“Chip Funk”), and a modern take on the Nightcrawlers/Mark Kinchen vibe (“Preacher”). For me, the standout track is “Wonky,” an absurdly happy and bouncy track that just works on every level. Imagine if the DNA of Robbie Rivera’s “Funk-A-Tron,” Sash’s “Intercontinental Invaders,” Mr Oizo’s “Flat Beat,” and Wolfgang Gartner’s earliest work were recombined to create a super track that does nothing but bring joy and energy to everyone on a dance floor. So yeah, it’s not good for Sunday afternoon recovery but it might just motivate you to make it a three-day weekend.

Images courtesy of World Wide Phonographics.