SONGS OF THE DAY: Richard Vission ft Luciana – “Primitive” and Cazwell & Luciana “Guess What”

This is the interesting spot that vocalists are often in, with multiple releases dropping at the same time. Just as her solo single “U B the Bass” is climbing the club charts, two additional singles by Luciana, showing her multiple personae, are let loose. Working again with Richard Vission (half of the team behind the seminal “I Like That”), she unleashes her savage self with “Primitive,” an overtly aggressive rap over a hybrid electro/trap track. This is probably the most hardcore she’s ever gone in a club record and one could only imagine the energy this would bring in a live performance. On the opposite end of the spectrum is “Guess What,” a much more playful and campy electropop romp with queer sex symbol Cazwell. While it feels like a followup to her solo record “I’m Still Hot,” the boastful yet joyous lines are lighthearted and fun, with the production by Marina & Fagault being both clubworthy and pop-friendly at the same time. Of special note is how both characters deliver their well-written and believable lines – because Luciana is definitely hotter than a chili pepper and it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Cazwell really does sh*t glitter.