SONG OF THE DAY: Julie Thompson with Super 8 & Tab – “Your Secret’s Safe”

In this world where the DJ/Producer is always the star, it’s so refreshing to see the singer credited as the main artist on a track. Singer/songwriter Julie Thompson made her first entry to the dance world with James Holden on the massive underground track “Nothing” and has successfully crossed the genre lines of trance, electro, and progressive house by working with producers as varied as the Freemasons, Tiesto,? Freestylers, and Andy Duguid. While the progressive-leaning trance track by Super 8 & Tab is solid, “Your Secret’s Safe” is all about Julie’s vocal performance which shows a range with a forceful verse and uplifting bridge (reminiscent of Madonna’s “Love Profusion”)? that leads to an atmospheric, almost angelic chorus.? The contrast between the energetic beats and the calming lyrics elevates it from a club track to something more meaningful, memorable, and almost spiritual. As the first taste of her upcoming sophomore artist album ‘Eye of the Storm,’ we anxiously await hearing more from her.?

Image Courtesy of Magik Musik.