SONG OF THE DAY: Martijn ten Velden – “Shake Your”

Fans of Martijn ten Velden who know him for his tech house/minimalist tracks and DJ sets might be scratching their heads when they hear ?Shake Your.? Known for ?I Wish You Would,? ?Together? and massive collaborations with Mark Knight, this Dutch DJ/producer has changed his sound. If you look at the name of his record label, you?ll see why. Papagaio means happy father; his new focus on his family and son has inspired him to slow things down (under 124 bpm) and make it groovier. Unlike, say, Disclosure or Prince Club who are making tracks that sound exactly like 90s house, ?Shake Your? has elements of both that sound and nu-disco yet is reconstructed in a way to come across as unique and current. This isn’t a peak hour, floor-filling track but rather something sexy to get your shuffling groove onto. It goes to show that a track can have energy without slamming you in the face with pounding beats and glitchy electro.

Image Courtesy of Papagaio Records.