SONG OF THE DAY:? Luckner ft Sophie Louise – “Time”

From EDM blog to record label, you have to show that crew some massive respect. Two of my inspirations in making the jump from? Notable Dance were lessthan3 and dancing astronaut – incredible EDM blogs with impeccable taste and superior editorial content. So when Less Than 3 started releasing tracks, you knew they were going to be of the highest quality.? Swiss producer Luckner has managed to created a progressive stadium track that sounds different than what all is out there right now. It’s pulsing and pounding without resorting to the three chord cliche which overruns the market. The track is quite multilayered, with hooks all over the place. Singer Sophie Louise has a beautiful yet powerfully angelic voice that sounds great both raw and when chopped up with effects, a la Otto Knows. The video is quite sweet, showing a school class growing up and contrasting toys (Etch-a-Sketch, Monopoly money) with the adult equivalent (iPad, currency). ?Who knows, this song about growing up could be the new high school graduation theme for the EDM generation.

Image Courtesy of Less Than 3.