SONG OF THE DAY: Koishii & Hush ft Donna Lewis – “I’ll Be There”

The British/Canadian duo Koishii & Hush are having fun jumping around the decades. Their last single “C’est Tout Est Noir” was a modern take on synth-pop on which they enlisted the vocal talents of Duran Duran bassist John Taylor. For “I’ll Be There,” they jump to the ’90s with a modern take on big beat circa The Crystal Method/Chemical Brothers and bring baby-voiced enchantress Donna Lewis back to the microphone. Yes, the “I Love You Always Forever” singer is channeling her inner Saffron (Republica) with a vampy yet playful vocal performance. The remixes stay true to the original, just adding a bit of a different flavor – electro with a taste of atmosphere (Jayeson Andel), hands in the air (Musearctic), and progressive (Jeff Barringer). I wonder if Koishii & Hush will be tackling the ’00s with their next track… I can’t wait to hear their take on that random decade.

Image courtesy of Grammaton Recordings.