SONG OF THE DAY: Martin Brodin ft Mikael Surdi – “Don’t Stop The Dance”

If you are ever in London, there are two Sunday night parties that you must check out. For tea dance time, a stop in at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for the Dame Edna Experience and Hi-NRG girl twirls spun by DJ Almighty is the place to start the party. As the night gets later, say around 10pm, venture up the block to the Eagle to Horse Meat Disco where real underground disco is played. This isn’t the chart pop disco that you hear at weddings, but the real stuff is played for aficionados and scenesters who respect the good stuff. Keeping that same vibe is Swedish producer Martin Brodin, founder of Deeplay Music, who has recently launched MB Disco – a label showcasing that is true to the roots of the disco with its feel yet updated with modern sounds. His latest track “Don’t Stop the Dance” is a cover of Bryan Ferry’s UK top 40 hit with vocals by Mikael Surdi. The production is a mix of disco and the nu-disco vibe which reappears every couple of years. It’s not in-your-face pounding beats, a nice change from a lot of stuff getting released now, but with its shuffling grooves it sets a mood and a tone. Listening to the track, I feel like I am back on the floor of Horse Meat Disco, partying away on a Sunday night. On point remixes keep the nudisco vibe but expand it be funky (LeSale) or synth heavy (Ytre Rymden). The video has footage from early ’80s balls, very Paris is Burning, and fits the vibe of the track perfectly.

Image Courtesy of MB Disco.