SONG OF THE DAY: Serge Devant and Rachael Starr – “You and Me”

A seventh single from an artist album doesn’t happen that often.? When I first listened to Serge Devant’s CD ‘Rewind’ when it was released last year, it already felt really familiar as there had already been several songs released prior to the album.? This kind of made the newer songs stand out a bit more, and one that caught my attention was his track with Rachael Starr “You and Me.”? The grooves, though dancefloor-ready, are not in your face or too aggressive, but sexy and subtle.? It’s not blissed-out like an ambient record, but more like a progressive track that finds a groove and gradually sucks you in.? The vocals are front-and-center and Rachael holds up her side of a bargain with a mentally-seductive song that fits the track perfectly.? I must have been in an post-WMC music overload coma since I missed the release of remixes by Frederic Scavo (big room electro), Betoko (nu-disco with cool male double vocal), Benny Maze (stadium), Moska (crispy glitchy electro), DJ PP (dubbed-out house), and Patrick M (pop house). Pretty much, there is a mix here for everyone.? The video, well, I can’t really follow it – there’s hallucinations of sex with an apparition that comes to life and turns a guy into a mannequin. There’s a weird hotel room and a key that gets you locked in a closet… Yeah, writing out the scenes didn’t clarify it for me either.? Nevertheless, “You and Me” is a great song and another reason to check out Serge’s ‘Rewind’ album from last year in case you missed it.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.