SONG OF THE DAY: Felix da Housecat ft Romina Cohn – “I Just Want To Be A Lesbian”

Here is one of those novelty tracks that could become a meme quite easily.? Argentinian producer/DJ Romina Cohn released the Non Stop EP in 2002 with a track called “I Want to Be the Residents,” where the voice said the title line and “I Just Want to Have An Eye for A Head.”? Yes, some really underground surreal stuff over a minimalist electronic beat. Felix Da Housecat misheard the lyrics as “I Just Want to Be A Lesbian” and this brand new track was brought to life.? The new production is not as minimal, but close – reminiscent of LaTour’s “Blue” starting with a simple loop and gradually building with some distortion and glitchy sound effects.? A few builds and drops create the atmosphere for the vocal lines to float on top as the track ebbs and flows deeper into your subconsciousness.? This is by no means a mainstream ‘hands in the air’ big room floorfiller – it’s on the dark, deep side – kind of what they would call “intelligent” back in the day.? For the first set of mixes (because we know more are coming), Riton rerubs it to trap with sound effects reminiscent of Art of Noise “Moments in Love,” Thee Loverz deconstructs a retro house groove, and the Cloud contributes the most straightforward underground ’90s house track I’ve heard since the nineties flashback trend begin.? It will be interesting to watch how this track develops and where it ends up – whether it’ll be stuck in the underground or somehow sampled in a bikini-babe commercial aimed at Joe six-pack.

Image Courtesy of No Shame.