SONG OF THE DAY: Schiller – “Sleepless”

It often confuses me how certain DJ/producers explode out of nowhere while other amazing artists seem to never receive the international success for the amazing music they create.  Schiller is a German producer/DJ who has been releasing incredible trance/electro/breakbeat records since the mid-’90s.  His tracks with vocalists like Kim Sanders, Anggun, Sarah Brightman, September, and Nadia Ali blur the line between pop and underground in quite a wonderful way.  For his new track, “Sleepless,”  he is seemingly inspired by the stadium progressive sound but manages to put his own spin on it.  The retro trance/breaks hybrid (think old school 4 Strings/Ayla) is a perfect counterpoint to balance the nearly cliched-3 chord stadium hook that is so omnipresent. The vocals are angelic, and almost operatic in the way they float almost in a sleepless haze, above the track.  If you haven’t experienced Schiller’s music before, “Sleepless” is a great introduction and I strongly recommend that you check out “Das Glockespiel” along with his many quality vocal collaborations.

Image Courtesy of 7star/Sleeping Room Music.