SONG OF THE DAY: Mysto + Pizzi – “Galax”

You never know what you are going to get from a Mysto & Pizzi track. The guys behind the infamous “Somebody’s Watching Me” cover (used in the Geico commercial) also created the gorgeously epic “Where is Love” with Jonny Rose. For “Galax,” the zany duo turn their attention to the big rooms with a massive electro monster. Starting off with a sparse kick loop, the intensity slowly builds as the pieces are added -a synth swoop, a foreboding glitch noise, a screechy lick. You can feel something major is going to happen and then the drum fill builds and explodes into full-on evil electro madness. “Galax” is quite an apt title as there is a spacy feel to it, like this could be the used in a movie for fight scene between spaceships. The dropout to the pretty part makes you think there will be a vocal topline of some sort, but there isn’t (actually no vocals at all on the track except for a few quick male vocal snippets in the build). The build-up of the dropout uses a few seconds of broken beats, but thankfully doesn’t fall into the dubstep breakdown cliche so often deployed. DJs looking for a primetime, big room electro floorfiller will do well to drop “Galax.”

Image Courtesy of Ultra Records.