SONG OF THE DAY:?Nightstylers ft Dan Brown – “Shadows”

While I realize that being an artist is following your inspiration to make music from your soul, sometimes I wish that my favorites would go in a different direction.? Listening to the new “Shadows” track from Nightstylers ft Dan Brown, this is what I wish Depeche Mode’s new album would have sounded like.?? Take the alternative synth pop from their ’80s beginnings, mix in some of their ’90s rock exploration, and color it with their dark-yet-uplifting signature and this really does feel like it could be a Depeche Mode track (and that’s a high compliment). As a followup to “More I See,” the Nightstylers go a bit more progressive but still keep a similar vibe.? It also seems like they’ve found the perfect muse with the expressively raw vocalist Dan Brown.?? Keep your eye open for more quality releases from the British trio comprised of members of the Freestylers, Sol Brothers, and Bimbo Jones.

Image Courtesy of Armada.