SONG OF THE DAY: Nervo – “Hold On”?

These Aussie twins have had quite a busy year touring and producing.? It seems they’ve found the magical secret of collaboration – working with someone and melding their sound with their own to create something unique, and often even more magical as a result.? For example, “You’re Gonna Love Again” blended Avicii’s signature stadium sound with their upliftingly, pretty, and inspirational Oprah-esque lyrics.? Working with R3hab must have been a challenge.? R3hab is so well-known (and loved) for his signature aggressive “chainsaw” electro sound that you can usually trainspot his work within two measures.? “Hold On” is a masterful combination of the hard and the pretty, perfectly blended together.? It isn’t one of those tracks where you can say – “Oh this is the R3hab part and this is the Nervo part” – you can really sense that they were all in sync and were aiming to experiment to make something true to their influences/sounds that was also unique and different.? The results are so strong that I have a feeling that “Hold On” might be the track that crosses them over to the mainstream.

Image Courtesy of Astralwerks.