SONG OF THE DAY: Nari & Milani vs Maurizio Gubellini ft Nicci – “Vago”

With the WMC ending, we will start to see a steady stream of the big tunes from the week. Leading the charge is Vago, a primal electro monster from Nari & Milani vs Gubellini ft. Nicci. Vago is an interesting word which can be translated as anything from vague, lazy, idle, bum, wanderer, or, charmingly, female sexual organs. As a mash of different styles with stadium house, pianos, Capella-inspired synth lines, big room builds, intense electro stutters, and aggressive energy, I would go with either wanderer (between styles) or vague (indescribable). Hearing this around Miami, the reaction each time was instant and big room DJs will definitely be jumping on it come its release date in early April. It’s another solid release from Italian duo Nari & Milani and super label Spinnin’.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.