SONG OF THE DAY: Guinevere – “Fly Away”

“Dance all night and sing all day.” What a great message. Not everything has to be deep and visceral. Sometimes a simple pop dance song does the trick. Following the club hit “Crazy Crazy,” the feisty Guinevere unleashes “Fly Away,” an electropop song seemingly made to be sung along to on your car stereo or at the club. The song is super catchy with a repeated chorus and a fly away chant. Guinevere sounds great – like a cross between Ke$ha and Selena Gomez, the perfect balance of playful swagger and joyous innocence. Already soaring up the club chart thanks to electro and disco house mixes from Jump Smokers, Pagano, KoKo, and 7th Heaven, “Fly Away” could be one of those big summer records that crosses from the clubs onto radio.

Image Courtesy of Tommy Boy.