SONG OF THE DAY: Luciana “U B The Bass”

We are a point of transformation for our beloved Luciana. Originally gaining club acclaim for her raspy and raw chants over electro tracks like “Yeah Yeah” (Bodyrox) and “I Like That” (Static Revenger and Richard Vission), she’s recently moved into realm of traditional melodic singing with songs like “Calling All the Lovers” (Manufactured Superstars) and “Something for the Weekend” (Dave Aude). So as she steps out on her own with her first major solo single, what does she have next up her sleeve? Nothing less than a brilliant combination of both personalities produced by herself and partner Nick Clow. Starting of with a contrasting beats, like the theme from the original Beverly Hills 90210 fighting with a horror move instrumental, the robotic voice wins and ushers into an energetic stadium house track. Luciana talks the verse and sings the chorus, bringing her two distinct styles together as a T-Pau-like autoduet. The idea of her being the beat and you being the bass stretches the musical analogy in a fresh unique way. Also fresh, unique, and more than a bit ironic is the use of fully dressed models wearing baggy sweatsuits as backup dancers. With the majority of EDM videos featuring scantily clad women in overtly sexual situation, the video is almost subversive. What makes it all the more humorous is the first label releasing the track is Ministry of Sound, home to many of the classic videos that featured said scantily clad women in overtly sexual situations. Regardless, Luciana has another club hit on her hands and DJs will be anxiously awaiting mixes for their club sets.

Image Courtesy of Luciana Facebook.