SONG OF THE DAY: Daddy’s Groove – “Stellar”

If you are looking for a song to lure die-hard techno haters into the EDM world, here’s a good gateway. Italian producers and members of David Guetta’s inner circle, Daddy’s Groove unleash one of the most interesting hybrid records of the season.? Starting off with alt-rock male vocals singing a One Direction-ish pop song with the oh-so-edgy “fucking stellar” hook, it gradually builds to a full-on stadium house chorus that sounds like the peak hour climax of an Avicii set.? Effortlessly going back and forth between pop/rock verses and the stadium house chorus makes “Stellar” live up to its title. The video is worth checking out -? a quite earnest (and humorous) take on the ultimate nerd fantasy of winning the love of a beautiful woman through sheer ingenuity.?


Image Courtesy of Robbins.